We have implemented: * new hedging module. * improved the algorithm of profit withdrawal of losing positions. * improved candlestick filter accuracy by linking it to the current time control. * redesigned the module of automatic calculation of position volume ...

🚀 HEDGE GATE v5.1: New Features, New Solutions! 🚀

📅 August 25, 2019 - Update to version 5.1! 📅

✨ HEDGE GATE v5.1 introduces a number of innovations for your successful trading! ✨

🔄 New hedging module for even more control over your positions! 🔄

💹 Improved algorithm to take loss-making positions into profit - your way to success! 💹

🕰️ Improved candlestick filter accuracy linked to current time control - your reliable trading guide! 🕰️

🛠️ Redesigned automatic position volume calculation module - your tool for optimal risk management! 🛠️

🌐 Get ready for a new level of efficiency with HEDGE GATE v5.1! 🌐

CarouselFX v.4.1. Added hedging module, fixing a profit by timer from 1-59 seconds. Added a module of the life of a profitable position in the market in hours. Introduced candlestick filter of trend direction to limit opening positions against the current trend.

🌟 CarouselFX v.4.1: Evolution of Trading! 🌟

📅 May 22, 2019 is the day of revolution in the world of forex trading! 📅

🔄 CarouselFX v.4.1 update - with many innovations! 🔄

🛡️ New hedging module for even more flexibility and protection of your trades. 🛡️

⏲️ Now capture profits on a timer from 1 to 59 seconds - your trading, your time! ⏲️

🕰️ Module of the life of a profitable position in the market in hours - your reliable partner in time. 🕰️

🕯️ Innovative trend direction candlestick filter for smart management of your portfolio. 🕯️

🌐 Upgrade your trading with CarouselFX v.4.1 - a real evolution in the world of forex! 🌐

Added two new trading settings for the EURUSD currency pair for EA version 3.0.3

🚀 New Features for EURUSD! EA 3.0.3 update! 🚀

📅 January 31, 2017 - Extended Opportunities Day! 📅

✨ EA version 3.0.3 has become even more powerful with the addition of two new trading settings for the EURUSD currency pair! ✨

🔄 Improved settings created specifically to optimize trading with EURUSD bring new possibilities to your trading. 🔄

🌐 Upgrade and appreciate the new level of performance of EA 3.0.3 today! 🌐

Start of selling trading signals through MQL5. Our clients now have the opportunity to copy Carousel FX AVG trades with a subscription fee starting at $20 per month

🌟 A New Era in Trading began on September 12, 2016! 🌟

🚀 We present to you a unique opportunity - the start of sales of Carousel FX AVG trading signals through MQL5! 🚀

💡 Our clients can now copy Carousel FX AVG trades and benefit from successful trading strategies. 💡

🌐 Exclusive trading signals available with a subscription fee starting at just $20 per month! 🌐

👉 Join the world of trading with Carousel FX AVG and easily realize your potential in the financial markets! 👈

🔐 Safety, reliability and profitability - your path to successful trading begins right now! 🔐

📈 September 12, 2016 is a date that will change your trading forever! 📈