Trading settings update. New settings adapted for PAMM managers have been released

🌐 HEDGE GATE v3.1.14: Update Trading Settings for PAMM Managers! 🌐

📅 October 24, 2016 - Progressive Change Day! 📅

✨ HEDGE GATE v3.1.14 presents new trading settings adapted specifically for PAMM managers! ✨

🔄 Updated parameters, maximally effective for PAMM accounts management, will allow you to reach new peaks in trading. 🔄

💼 Improve your trading and increase the efficiency of your PAMM management with HEDGE GATE v3.1.14 - update today! 💼

A new version of the HEDGE GATE trading robot has been released. New modules “target profit” and “hedging of unprofitable positions” have been added. v.3.1.14

🚀 HEDGE GATE v3.1.14: New Versions, New Features! 🚀

📅 July 25, 2016 - Big Update Day! 📅

✨ Introducing a new version of the trading robot HEDGE GATE - v3.1.14! ✨

🔄 New modules “Target Profit” and “Hedging Losing Positions” have been added. Your path to even greater success begins right now! 🔄

🌐 Update to HEDGE GATE v3.1.14 and discover new horizons in trading! 🌐